We are a resale service assisting individuals and businesses to sell their quality secondhand items and excess stock.


Moving house or managing a deceased estate can be stressful, but we’re here to help! At Cairns Property Clearances, we understand the difficulties that come with these situations and offer our expertise to sell your pre-loved items. With over 8,000 second-hand items sold for our residential clients, we have the experience to best photograph your items, conduct local market research, and provide you with realistic price guides.

Let us simplify your move, reduce transport costs and generate funds for you to furnish yournew space. As your local second-hand experts, we know how to advertise your items to the Cairns community and handle customer enquiries. Contact us today to learn more about ourservices and how we can assist you in the sale of your items.

Are you undergoing a refurbishment or looking to achieve additional sales in your inventory-based business? We partner with local businesses seeking to outsource their sales advertising for excess or unneeded stock, whether new or secondhand.

Looking to refurbish or increase product sales in your business? Our service handles all aspects of advertising your new and secondhand items, from photos and listings to managing customer inquiries and orders. We’ll list your items on multiple platforms, including Facebook, our website, and our dedicated buyers group with over 7,000 local members. If you’re about to undergo a refurbishment, we can help sell your quality used furniture and appliances to offset the cost of new furnishings. Contact us to learn more about our unique service.

Our Services

We take detailed measurements
and  quality photos of each item.

We can conduct local market research to provide you with suggested prices.

We advertise your items to local customersacross multiple platforms, including our buyers group with over 7,000 active members.

We manage customer enquiries.

We can arrange for buyers to collect items from you and pay you directly. Alternatively, we can meet buyers at your address to facilitate the collection and payment for your items.

Need assistance but you are located
outside of Cairns?

We can tailor our service to meet
your needs.


We can assist you to sell your items of value including furniture, appliances and equipment as well as some vehicles and machinery.

*Minimum 10 items

We are unable to list items valued under $100 such as bedding, kitchenware, clothing etc.

Our Happy Clients

At Cairns Property Clearances, we strive to provide exceptional service to all of our clients. Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement, and we’re proud to share their experiences with you.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of perfectly good items that go straight to landfill. If we are unable to assist with certain items, we encourage you to consider donating them to local charities and non-profit organizations.